Submitting Tests

Test submission is via the typical GitHub workflow. For detailed guidelines on setup and each of these steps, please refer to the Github Test Submission documentation.

  • Fork the GitHub repository.

  • Create a feature branch for your changes.

  • Make your changes.

  • Run the lint script in the root of your checkout to detect common mistakes in test submissions. There is detailed documentation for the lint tool.

  • Commit your changes.

  • Push your local branch to your GitHub repository.

  • Using the GitHub UI, create a Pull Request for your branch.

  • When you get review comments, make more commits to your branch to address the comments.

  • Once everything is reviewed and all issues are addressed, your pull request will be automatically merged.

We can sometimes take a little while to go through pull requests because we have to go through all the tests and ensure that they match the specification correctly. But we look at all of them, and take everything that we can.

Hop on to the mailing list or matrix channel if you have an issue. There is no need to announce your review request; as soon as you make a Pull Request, GitHub will inform interested parties.