Chrome for Android

To run WPT on Chrome on an Android device, some additional set up is required.

First of all, as usual Android development, we need to have adb and be able to connect to the device.


Until we find a better way, we need to root the Android device and update the /etc/hosts file to include the entries printed by ./wpt make-hosts-file.

CA certificate

In order to run HTTPS tests, we need to add WPT’s CA to the phone. First, convert the certificate from PEM to CRT:

openssl x509 -outform der -in tools/certs/cacert.pem -out cacert.crt

Then copy cacert.crt to your phone’s external storage (preferably to Downloads/ as it’ll be easier to find). Open Settings -> Security & location -> Encryption & credentials -> Install from storage. Find and install cacert.crt. (The setting entries might be slightly different based your Android version.)

Note that having this CA installed on your device outside of a test environment represents a security risk.

Finally, we may run wpt with the chrome_android product

./wpt run chrome_android [test_list]